Monday, May 20, 2013

Make $10 a Day Downloading Apps And Games With Your IPhone Or Android 2013 Method

I will try to write this as short as possible, so you can start making money immediately.In this method you will be provided with list of free apps. Every app in the list has certain number of points which you will get after you download it and use it for certain time, usually it is never more than 60 seconds.

1.      On your Android or Iphone download FeaturePoints app from appstore or google play and install the app. You do not need to be worried, this app will not harm your phone or tablet in any way.

2.      After you install the app, run it. It should take you automatically to FeaturePoints site. Than you will see option to enter a ref code. Enter „92OSM3“ It is optional, but it will give you 50 points for free. Than agree with the terms.

3.      Now you can start to download apps and gain points. After you download and install the app, you must open the app for certain time to make sure your account is credited with the points.

4.      It might seem slow in the beginning, but if you have the time, it is no problem to make $10 or more every day, just by doing this.

5.      Withdraw your money. This part is pretty easy. You can withdraw from $1 as Amazon giftcard or from $5 to your PayPal account. In picture you can see that they actually pay.

Monday, December 14, 2009